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Lady Makaria's application

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Lady Makaria's application

Post  0SweetPea on Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:54 pm

Application Form
Admin Today at 10:15 pm

.Hi, this is the application you must fill in to Register and become a Member of this Website being able to post topics. Also this is how you will have to be ranked. We will not sell your information to Anyone EVER, so please feel safe and answer truthfully.

Directions: Copy & paste the questions that are here, and start a New Topic, Paste, Answer, Submit.

What is your runescape name?
Lady Makaria

What would you like us to call you?(real name, rs name)
Lady will be fine as i have memory problems with names my self

How old are you?

What is your favorite skill?
training combat

What is your least favorite skill?

How many hours do you play on a usual day?
most says 8 hours or so, some days only 2

What type of clan are you looking/interested in?
A clan that is like a close family where members help each other and have fun int he process

Do you promise to follow up on rules at a mature level?.
yes i do

Do you wanna be a Member or Friend of the clan?I want to be a member!
(Member=Your planing on staying with the clan)
(Friend=Your gonna be in and out, and your not very serious)

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Posts: 2
Join date: 2010-08-10

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Re: Lady Makaria's application

Post  bboyoverload on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:05 pm

Welcome To The Cc Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
We Are Glad To Hve u With Us In The Cc Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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