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Post  Eman3o5 on Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:03 pm

i apologize for my absence, but currently i have no internet at home.. it sucks

my days are spent in school, night school, girlfriend, and mostly WORK. soo either way im busy
but i would love to get on and play.. but i cant

no internet...

sad part is i just got a ps3, and i cant play online -.- lol

well... guys yeah if you were wondering or someone has asked or ask where iam;
now you know... I have no internet

great thing is though at work im making around $120-$180 a week. Smile


again i apologize, but my staff SHOULD be running this clan as if i was here... let my absence not effect their job as my staff...

thank you guys
hope to talk to you all soon...
miss yall alot

Much love,


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