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Legacy Pact CLOSED

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Legacy Pact CLOSED

Post  Eman3o5 on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:53 pm

I am Eman3o5, and my account has now been SOLD.

so Eman3o5, the name has been changed and a new owner is playing.

thus, with this trade i'am SHUTTING DOWN Legacy Pact.

As the Owner and Creator of Legacy Pact, i now pronounce this clan officially CLOSED.

Thank you all for joining, helping, and making it the best time ever for each other!

The website will stay up for Memory, and Tribute to one of the best Clans on RS of all time I love you

P.S. I'am now on the PlayStation network; "EmanOwnsYou". thats if you want to still keep in contact with me, or play with me.


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